Walnut Creek Porcelain Veneers - Cover Damaged & Stained Teeth - Hide Imperfections

If you are hiding your smile due to dental imperfections, you may benefit from the attractive, minimally-invasive option of porcelain veneers. At Shadelands Dental Care, Dr. Ricky Singh, Dr. A. Melissa Lopez & Dr. Carly Ostrow recommend these discreet yet durable restorations for their ability to emulate natural dentition while providing long-lasting results.

What are the Benefits of Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers offer the advantage of cosmetically improving your dental condition, while also conserving a great deal of the healthy, existing structure of your teeth. As a result, Dr. Ricky Singh, Dr. A. Melissa Lopez & Dr. Carly Ostrow may recommend veneers as an alternative to crowns when moderate treatment is more appropriate to achieve desired results. 

In particular, porcelain has unique properties that make it ideal for use as veneers. Porcelain can endure normal dental function, even when thin pieces are used.  Additionally, a variety of genuine shades and shapes can be reproduced with porcelain veneers. At our Walnut Creek dental office, we have noticed that a number of common defects to our patients’ smiles can be corrected with porcelain veneers, ultimately improving the entire smile. 

Some of these conditions include:
Crooked or misshapen teeth
Worn or chipped teeth
Extensively stained or discolored teeth
Inappropriately sized teeth (too large or small)
Undesired spaces between teeth
As an added benefit to correcting defects with porcelain veneers, the custom fit to your front facing dentition gives your restoration a pleasant and uniform appearance.

Receiving Porcelain Veneers

In keeping with Shadelands Dental Care’s goal to preserve the oral health of our patients, the process of getting porcelain veneers is uncomplicated and does not significantly impact underlying dental health and composition. To accommodate for the additional thickness of a veneer, your teeth will be moderately prepared prior to placement. An impression, or mold, of your teeth is also taken so that your veneers are fabricated to the specific dimensions of your smile. At this time, Dr. Ricky Singh, Dr. A. Melissa Lopez & Dr. Carly Ostrow will work with you to decide on the right color for your veneers.

At the placement appointment, your teeth will first be cleansed with special, professional-grade liquids to ensure your veneer is optimally bonded. Dental bonding cement is used when applying the veneer, hardened and set by use of a specialized light.

After the procedure, you will receive care instructions, including recommendations for your daily brushing and flossing routine. Regular follow-up visits with Dr. Ricky Singh, Dr. A. Melissa Lopez & Dr. Carly Ostrow are also recommended to enhance the longevity of your porcelain veneers. At these visits to our Walnut Creek dental practice, your restorations can be assessed for replacement due to normal wear.

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