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Shadelands Dental Care knows that family comes first in all things, and choosing your dentist is not an exception. Our practice is dedicated to not only treating your family’s oral health problems, but coming up with effective preventive practices that you and your whole family can use. Call our Walnut Creek practice to schedule appointments for your family and keep reading to learn more about our dedication to family-friendly dentistry.

Prioritizing Patient Education

Our office’s commitment to your family’s dental health is an excellent chance for us to teach proper oral hygiene. As understanding proper tooth care is essential from an early age, our Walnut Creek pediatric dentist help parents understand the importance of children's dentistry and preventive treatments. For teens and adults, we work hard to help patients learn the right way to care for their smile between appointments. 

Children's Dental Care in Walnut Creek

Paramount to determining your child’s potential for oral health problems is examining the state of their teeth as soon as they begin teething. Shadelands Dental Care will look into your medical history and the manner in which your child’s teeth are growing, limiting the chances that your child will have complications with dentition later in life. 

Regular dental care should continue as your child's dental growth continues. This will not only allow us to monitor the development of your child’s dentition, but will acclimate them to visiting the dentist. If your child begins showing signs that they'll need more comprehensive care in the future, our Walnut Creek dentists can provide referrals to dental specialists in the area.

Teens and Adults

Older teens and adults will most benefit from continued visits for dental cleanings and advice on changing dental practices. We will work with you to keep your smile beautiful, and can coordinate treatments to ensure that you are always comfortable. Shadelands Dental Care also offers several reconstructive procedures for patients looking to reclaim the aesthetic of a perfect smile and return to the comfort of a mouth full of teeth. 

Contact Our Family Dentists

If you and your family are looking for comprehensive dental care for all ages, call or schedule an appointment with Shadelands Dental Care today. We eagerly serve residents of Walnut Creek and its surrounding communities.

Dental Health

As dental professionals it is our priority to provide quality dental care you can trust.



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