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Walnut Creek Dental Implant Options - Replace One or More Teeth

Our teeth’s appearance contribute to the first impressions we give, play a large factor in our speech, and make it possible for us to eat. Sometimes, though, through a variety of events adults lose one or more of what were to have been their permanent teeth. Using the state of the art technology of dental implants, Dr. Ricky Singh and our team at Shadelands Dental Care in Walnut Creek help patients recover a radiant and healthy smile.Walnut Creek Dental Implants

Dental Implants — A Permanent Approach for Replacing Missing Teeth

Since the 1980’s dental implants, which replace the roots of teeth and create a strong foundation for replacement teeth, have been a reliable alternative to partial bridges and dentures. With recent developments in computer imaging and other technology, dental implants have become a more convenient, accessible, and permanent way to replace missing teeth.

Almost Anyone with Good General and Oral Health is a Candidate for Dental Implants

We encourage any of our Walnut Creek patients who are missing a tooth or teeth, whether due to an accident, tooth decay, gum disease, or dental fracture, to concider dental implants. They can benefit from implants as long as their gums and jawbone are healthy enough. The dental implant is made of titanium, so it is strong and stable. The crown itself is metal free, and provides the look and feel of natural teeth.

Considering Dental Implants in Walnut Creek?

We offer free consultations for dental implants and implant supported dentures. In these no cost visits, we determine whether dental implants are the right solution and develop a path forward. Many dental insurance policies cover a portion of the cost of dental implants. Specifically, MetLife, Delta, and Signa typically pay around 30-40% of the cost. We also offer CareCredit and Lending Club to help finance these life changing procedures.

Shadelands Dental Can Give You the Smile You’ve Been Dreaming About

Our Walnut Creek staff understands that each patient has unique challenges and needs. We have extensive experience providing a comprehensive variety of dental implant services suited to each patient. These services include:
● Extractions and immediate placement of the implant, where the post is completed in the same visit as the extraction.
● Guided implant surgery, where implants are placed using 3D imaging technology and guided surgical software.
● Implant supported dentures, where a full arch of loose dentures is stabilized with the placement of as few as four dental implants and without covering the palette. This solution avoids the need for food restrictions or to soak dentures at night, while also eliminating the stress associated with worrying about dentures slipping out.
● Sinus lift bone grafts, for those cases where dental implants are a viable solution, but where additional foundation is needed for support near the sinus cavities.

Contact Your Walnut Creek Implant Dentist, Dr. Ricky Singh Today to Take the First Step

Dental implants can be a durable and convenient path to improved speech, increased comfort, easier eating, better oral health, and greater self-esteem. To explore whether a dental implant procedure including implant supported dentures is right for you, contact us today at our Walnut Creek office.